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Get Online FAST!


“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”


If change has come knocking on the door of your business (which is now your house), and you find yourself ill-equipped to take your business online and do not know where to start, or how to navigate these murky waters, we have an offer for you.


In one day, from project start to finish, we will walk you through the entire process, hand-in-hand, of taking your business online with a clean, beautiful, functioning eCommerce website that transacts.


Prepare your business to scale and grow!

The purpose of this Quick Launch eCommerce Promotion is to get you up-and-running and transacting business online as quickly and effectively as possible. This offering can be expanded and scaled Post-Launch. 

For example, you are certainly not limited to 25 SKU’s and we can expand into hundreds or thousands of products if need be. 


We will build a system that will scale and grow with your business needs.

Who Is Cart Consultant?

What sets us apart from other agencies here at Cart Consultant is our attitude. We will do whatever it takes for our clients, prospects, and partners to ensure that we succeed together. We aren’t simply supportive of our clients, we are willing to advocate and fight on our client’s behalves to see them grow and win.

When you work with Cart Consultant, you bring aboard a fierce and reliable ally. An ally that you know will have your business’ back, and your best interests at heart when times get tough and sudden change comes knocking at the door.

We have the capacity to launch 10 new eCommerce businesses this week.

Meet the team

Jeremy Gryder

CEO/ Head of Sales and Design/ Co-Founder 

Jeremy Gryder, formerly of BigCommerce and Crude Design, has spent the last eight years building and scaling eCommerce businesses. From the inner workings of the SaaS eCommerce platforms themselves to the extensible tech and app stacks, Jeremy’s eCommerce expertise is unrivaled.

Joshua Crawford

Chairman of the Board/Co-Founder

Joshua Crawford, Owner of Musketball Group and STEM Software, has been developing custom enterprise software for the oil and gas fields for over twenty years. A life-long coder who started designing and developing solutions at the age of thirteen, Joshua provides a fierce technical backbone for the team and a deep understanding of Fortune 500 companies and their needs.

Don Dalrymple

 Head of Business Consulting/ Board Member

Don Dalrymple has helped build and grow businesses for twenty years. Don specializes in developing business strategies, methodologies, and systems while working closely with executives and their teams to drive revenue and efficiency. Don has a love for family, snowboarding, trail running and tennis and spends much time in the outdoors to stay fit and focused. Don has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has a passion for creating tangible returns from technology platforms.

John W. Beckmeyer

CTO/ Board Member 

John Beckmeyer is an experienced leader in business and technology who has served in leadership positions in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500. John has designed and implemented business-critical systems for manufacturing, transportation, and financial institutions and has keen insight into the modern-day challenges of business continuity and security. Because John believes that service to his family, community, state, and nation are his personal responsibility, he has served on numerous boards of volunteer and nonprofit organizations from the community to the national level.

Blake Boykin

Director of Sales

Blake Boykin, formerly of BigCommerce, has a core belief that revenue is a consequence of providing value to clients and customers. His role on the team is to be the first point of contact who pulls out all the stops to scope projects quickly and accurately. An evangelist for Cart Consultant clients with a strong technical background himself, he leverages his vast eCommerce technical expertise to identify the correct path forward.


Lead Project Manager, Sales Engineer

Tim Azark, a four-year alumni of BigCommerce, takes command of the Cart Consultant project scoping process to ensure our clients that we can do exactly what we intend to do, exactly when we say we’re going to do it. Being the Lead Project Manager for our eCommerce Projects as well, Tim provides synchronicity between the Sales and PM teams, ensuring a smooth, cohesive, well-run client experience through and through.


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