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Jeremy Gryder

CEO/ Head of Sales and Design/ Co-Founder 

Jeremy Gryder is an accomplished designer, consultant, and sales guru. He has served as Vice President of Creative for Musketball Group and is CEO of Crude Design. Jeremy comes from BigCommerce where he spent the last seven years operating in many roles, including Sales Executive, Support Ninja, and Senior Client Development Executive for the SBD department.  He received recognition in 2015 for helping BigCommerce move upmarket with the fourth quarter Infinity and Beyond Award.  His expansive knowledge of eCommerce and specifically BigCommerce is sure to help give your company explosive potential.

Joshua Crawford

COO/Chairman of the Board/Head of Operations and Technology/Co-Founder

Joshua Crawford is a serial entrepreneur and inventor, utilizing experience in efficiency and technology to solve problems in unique ways.  He knows the importance of hard work, determination, and consistency, and has a reputation for delivery.  His understanding of 21st century technology needs translated into Musketball Group and his experience to help oil and gas companies become more operationally and financially efficient via STEM Software. Josh has also been programming and developing websites for over twenty years.  His ability to build both apps and integrations will provide our clients with unlimited possibilities.

Don Dalrymple

 Head of Business Consulting/ Board Member

Don Dalrymple has helped build and grow businesses for twenty years. He has worked in management consulting, software and engineering businesses. Don has developed business strategies, methodologies and systems working closely with executives and their teams to drive revenues and efficiencies. He has a love for family, snowboarding, trail running and tennis and spends much time in the outdoors to stay fit and focused. Don has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and enjoys the process of creating tangible returns from technology platforms.

John W. Beckmeyer

CTO/ Board Member 

John Beckmeyer is an experienced leader in business and technology. Having served in leadership positions in startups to Fortune 500 companies he has successfully faced the challenges of the fast-paced technology industry. John has designed and implemented business critical systems for manufacturing, transportation, and financial institutions with a keen insight toward the modern day challenges of business continuity and security. Because John believes that service to his family, community, state, and nation are his personal responsibility he has served on numerous board of volunteer and nonprofit organizations from the community to the national level.

Blake Boykin

Director of SEO

Blake Boykin is a Search Engine Optimization professional with a passion for igniting business growth through Google. Blake comes from BigCommerce, where he spent a year coaching BigCommerce clients on how to sell more through search, specifically via the BigCommerce platform. After leaving BigCommerce in 2015, Blake founded his own SEO business and successfully operated it for two years, until jumping at the opportunity to join the Cart Consultant team. He brings a depth of BigCommerce knowledge and love for analytics to his clients. His SEO strategies center around an obsession with efficiency, results, and hyper-growth.

Shannon Garcia

Project Manager

Shannon Garcia combines previous experiences in emergency management, mental health and leadership education with a master’s in Criminal Justice to direct the processes and personalities of our team in a way that develops the client’s desires into a working product, being ever mindful of business practices, workflow, and industry needs. She followed her long-time friend Joshua from Musketball Group and STEM Software.  She is phenomenal at ensuring our team delivers on deadlines and goals but prefers to remain behind the scenes. She enjoys reading, nature and taking on new challenges.